Disposal of Sanitary Napkin

Scientifically right method to dispose off used Sanitary Napkin is plausible!

Under total Sanitation Campaign , ‘Menstrual Hygiene’ is one of the components. In a woman’s life on an average 1750 days are spent by a woman during menstruation.

Present Unhygienic disposal practices:

1) Disposal with Domestic waste

2) Sewerage line/Nalas in Basti

3) Disposal on the roads

4) Disposal in the toilets

Impact of these unhygienic Disposal Practices is directly on Health and on sewerage system.

Sewerage system gets choked up and is damaged due to the rampant throwing of used Sanitary napkins in the sewerage.

BSS has launched a campaign to Ensure access to Environmentally safe methods.