Men say no to violence

In domestic violence against women, men are either directly involved in crime or are connected as brother or father or any relative of victim woman.

In social violence they are in active role or passive viewers.

The campaign Men say no to violence was an awareness programme for men and an appeal to them to stop the violence. Be sensitive and be proactive immediately to stop the violence in public places. We focused on this campaign in 2008.

  • Our branches conducted variety of programmes.
  • Candle march in boys hostel – Kolhapur
  • An appeal from close relatives who resolved their cases from family counseling centers run by BSS
  • White ribbon day – Amaravati
  • Display big posters in prominent place of the city – Latur
  • Articles in news papers – Latur, Amaravati, Mumbai, Pune
  • Street play, essay and posters competition, panel discussions on all India Radio