Founded in 1988,BharatiyaStree Shakti is avoluntary, autonomous, apoliticalorganization committed toempowering women,families and the society at large.

Our goal is to create a cohesiveenvironment where every womenexperiences dignity and freedomfrom exploitative compulsions.

We believe that such a feat requires collective effort.It requires active participation ofwomen, men andfamilies. In other words, it requires the entire society’s involvement.It requiresdialogue, action,compassion and cooperation.We understand this and see ourselves as enablersof a holistic, unbiased andinclusive approach to women empowerment.

Our activities focus on five key aspectsor Panchsutri:Education & Skill Development, Mental & Physical Health, Self-respect, Financial Independence and Gender Equality. We address these aspects through our campaigns, surveys andresearch, workshops and trainings, events and festivals, seminars and conferences as well as personal and family counselling.

Our team members hail fromvarious backgrounds, classes andsections of the society. We areprofessors, social workers, lawyers,home-makers, bankers, doctors, engineers,mental health experts and so on.