Domestic Violence 03 Jan

Domestic Violence

BSS belives that Domestic Violence is any form of Physical, Sexual and/ or Emotional Abuse experienced by Women from any age, socio economic, educational, occupational, religious and racial groups.

It is a systematic way of maintaining power and control over women. Domestic Violence is a result of and is perpetuated by the patriarchal
society we live in.

Domestic Violence is often part of an ongoing pattern of abusive or controlling behaviour usually experienced by women and may include destructive criticism, pressure tactics, disrespect, breaking trust, isolation and harassment. Physical and sexual abuse tends to get more severe and happen more often over time. It can begin at any stage of a relationship and may continue after the relationship has ended.

Women who are victims of violence do not easily come forward and speak out, nor do they seek help. BSS believes that while dealing with Violence related cases it is necessary to be sensitive to the woman victim.