Participatory Approach as Empaneled NGO 06 Jan

Participatory Approach as Empaneled NGO

Bharatiya Stree Shakti as an empaneled partner NGO with MWCD got an opportunity to contribute views on policies and schemes.  Our representatives were invited for a meeting by National Human Rights Commission NHRC, to review the status of implementation of “ONE STOP CENTER- OSC”. OSC is a scheme by MWCD which is for integrated support and assistance to women affected by violence to facilitate immediate services- medical, legal, psychological and counseling under one roof. Viewpoint on Functioning of one stop centers and suggestions for better implementation were submitted. The representatives of BSS also participated in ‘Conference of Partner NGOs’ “IMPLEMENTATION OF POLICIES SCHEMES AND PROGRAMS FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN, CHALLENGES AND WAYFORWARD” organized by MWCD. Participants of conference, deliberated on five themes in concurrent sessions.  Issues, challenges, recommendations and good practices of these themes were discussed, compiled and then presented. The five themes, which are important aspects of improving quality of life for women, were – Violence Against Women, National Policy for Women, Trafficking of Women and Children, Cybercrime and Security of Women and Children and Implementation of Juvenile Justice Act with Particular Emphasis of Increasing Adoptions.



The abovementioned compilation of reports of project and seminars shows that Bharatiya Stree Shakti has attempted to advance with these themes of women issues.  BSS has conducted research on “Tackling Violence Against Women: A Study of State Intervention Measures” (MWCD) and organized four seminars on “Smart Cities with Focus on Inclusive Gender Empowerment” (NCW, MOUD), “Efficacy of Laws Pertaining to Property and Marital Rights of Women from different Religions” (NCW) (Mumbai and Delhi) and “Human Trafficking: Impact on Women and Children” (NCW).